Septic Pump, Plant City, FL

Our experts provide maintenance and repair of all parts of your Plant City, FL septic system, including the septic pump.

Septic Pump, Plant City, FL
If your home or business is in a rural area, you may need to install a septic tank to process waste and water that comes through all drains and toilets. Septic systems are self-contained and can process and store water and waste produced by your family or employees. Instead of relying on the main sewer line to transport waste to a sewage processing plant, a septic system uses chemicals and natural types of bacteria to break down waste, and then release the clean water back into the ground below. This method is effective and reliable, as long as you keep the system well-maintained and avoid flushing large items down your drains or toilets that could cause clogs.

A system that has a septic pump is called an alternative system since gravity doesn’t aid in moving waste through the pipes. At Brandon Septic, our experts provide maintenance and repair of all parts of your septic system, including the septic pump. This component is crucial in moving waste through the system, so we can schedule routine maintenance to make sure it is working correctly to avoid issues. We can also help provide you with national and local requirements for septic tanks, to make sure your septic pump falls within these legal requirements.

Do You Need a Septic Pump for Your Septic System?

A septic system is a working system of parts that work together in order to treat the wastewater that comes from your home. Whether you have a large tank or a small one, your septic system will work in mostly the same way as your neighbor’s. Usually the differences involve your property, not your system. If your septic tank is at a lower level than your drain field, a septic pump will be used to pump the gray water into the drain field. Other systems will use gravity in order to move wastewater from one portion of the system to another. We at Brandon Septic are happy to answer any questions you might have!

Our service area includes East Tampa, Plant City, Ruskin River View, Sun City Center, and Brandon, Florida, and our top priority is customer service and satisfaction. We strongly encourage that you schedule maintenance with us at least annually and spread out usage of your drains, avoid flushing anything other than toilet paper, and call us for repairs as soon as you notice anything strange or out of the ordinary that may be going on with your septic system.

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