Drain Field Repair, Plant City, FL

The best way to be aware of any need for drain field repair is to call on us at Brandon Septic to provide a full inspection of your septic system in Plant City.

Drain Field Repair in Plant City, Florida
If someone asked you about the signs of a drain field problem, would you know how to answer? If not, don’t worry – you aren’t alone! At Brandon Septic, we often find that home and business owners with septic systems aren’t always sure about the care and maintenance of their septic drain field, and therefore don’t always know the signs that drain field repair is in order, either.

The septic drain field is a critical part of your septic system because it serves as the final filtration system as wastewater is safely released back into the ground. The drain field also takes up a significant portion of your yard, so it can more effectively filter gray water. There are a few things that should be avoided to prevent the need for drain field repair:

1.Parking or Driving Vehicles on Top – One thing that is important to avoid is driving heavy vehicles over a septic drain field or parking the vehicle on top of the area. This can cause breaks in the drain field lines, leading to a septic leak in the yard.

2.Trees & Shrubs – While it may seem harmless to plant trees and shrubs in the drain field area, their roots can quickly become a problem. They can either break the drain field lines, causing a leak, or create a blockage, leading to a major septic backup.

3.Digging – Another important thing to be cautious of to avoid drain field repair is digging on top of the drain field, which can break the lines. You may end up with a wet, unsanitary mess!

The best way to prevent any need for drain field repair, in addition to avoiding the things listed above, is to call on us at Brandon Septic to provide a full inspection of your septic system in Plant City, Florida. We’ll make sure that your septic components are in great shape and working their best.

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