Septic Pump Repair in Brandon, Florida
A septic alarm indicates that the septic tank pump isn’t doing its job. Many pumps are used in septic tanks, such as a grinder pump that grinds waste from the house into small pieces that can be broken down once it is in the tank. There may also be a riser pump if the system is on a hill and the drain field is above the tank. In other words, there are different types of pumps that can fail over time. With the help of a professional, failures can be identified through regular maintenance and fixed before a major problem results.

Septic Pump Repair or Replacement?

Sometimes the issue with a septic pump may be small. If that’s the case, then it will be repaired. Other times, the issue may be so extensive that a replacement is best. Sam and the rest of our experienced staff at Brandon Septic will tell you which is the best course of action. If septic pump repair is only going to result in a short-term solution that is going to lead to malfunction later, then replacement may be suggested. If the repair can have some longevity to it, then the repair will be recommended, but future maintenance may be scheduled to check on the repair.

Septic Pump Repair Solutions

Whether your pump needs to be repaired or replaced, your septic system can stay up and running for the long term. At Brandon Septic, we even offer internet specials to help save money on certain services so you can affordably take care of your septic system.